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Thermic paper: This material is usually used in high-rotation products since its resistance and durability is less than that of illustration paper, it also does not require the use of ink since the material has a first chemical that reacts directly to heat.


Illustration paper: These labels are ideal for the identification of mass consumer products. They can have a multi-coloured print with a matte or glossy finish, they are also often used for barcodes.


Propolipylene (OPP): They are commonly used for the distinction of products in the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as they fully resist moisture. It is a synthetic film that has great durability and high resistance to rubbing and weathering. It can be flexo or heat transfer printed with UV varnish or laminated, thus highlighting the visual appeal of the products on which it is applied. Polyethylene, PVC Commonly used in knobs or products that require a slight stretch to fit the contour of the container. This material is resistant to moisture, external abrasion and large temperature variations, it is very similar to OPP but has more elasticity.


Polyester: Film capable of resisting temperatures of 180 ° C, various solvents and oils. It is usually used near engines or chemical containers, also in outdoor products or heavy machines. They can be stepped on by a clark or fox without being destroyed.


High impact: High impact polystyrene labels are used on products in which the use of adhesives is not allowed. They are commonly used in the refrigeration industry for having great resistance to low temperatures, variable data can also be printed with heat transfer.

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